The Science of Self Love:

Human Design

Discover the manual of who you are. learn to be yourself to your highest potential while accepting your darkest shadows. human design for me is the science of self love. when you love yourself at the cellular level, than you become unstoppable on all levels with unweavering confidence.



Magic of Self Love Program

Manifest your dream life in 3 months

Self Love accelerator

Increase your self worth, self love and confidence in yourself in 21 days

Self Love Morning Ritual

Get your morning started off in the right mindset and energy to create a positive and fluid day


Youtube Channel

Receive free self love, manifestation tips and well as meditations to heal



Self Love Tarot Reading

Receive a message from your highest self to love yoruself 100% and manifest your dream life

Human Design Reading

Know your Energetic Blueprint to be in alignment with your highest frequency, purpose and self love

Self Love & Manifestation Coaching Session

Know what you want to manifest? I will use healing techniques and give you specific manifestation exercises to manifest your desires and live in your highest frequency and life