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Self Love & Manifestation Guide

Maria Guerrero is a Mexican/ American woman who lived her family’s American Dream by leaving her heart’s home at the age of 10 in Mexico.

Little did she know, is that she was going to spend the next 17 years of her life working on everyone’s dream, except hers.

In 2017, Maria had enough with everything and everyone and being completely depressed and repressed in herself and dreams. On her 28th birthday, she only asked God for one thing. To Be Happy.

In 2018, her wish came true. The Universe sent her self love meditations, ho’oponpono meditations and her life transformed from black to white. For 1 year she practiced self love and this was enough to help her quit her corporate job, leave her family and get out of US.

Now in 2023, she is living her dream life, loving herself inside and out and doing what she always loves, Art, Sports, Magic and Being the Best Version of Herself and helping other women life their dream life.


Maria is certified in:

Sacred Geometry

Human Design Coach

Gene Keys Guide



Self Love Tarot Reader